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See how I've helped others change their lives!

Tim Fulton

60 Day Transformation

I'm Tim Fulton and I have been living a plant based lifestyle for nearly a year now, and I feel amazing. It all started June of 2017 when my grandmother passed away due to congestive heart failure among other ailments. That was an earth shattering and eye opening experience that let me know it was time for a change. At that point I was nearly 240 lbs and only 5'8". Being an ex college football player I knew the benefits of working out and firmly believed that I could get away with eating anything as long as I continued to workout. I found out the hard way that is not at all true and I was doing myself a disservice by even going to the gym, just to follow up that workout with poor eating decisions. The proof is in the pudding, going plant based is the way to go. I haven't felt better in my life and I'm in better shape in my 30's then I was when I was playing football in college.

/// Tim Fulton 

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Dana Morris

10 Day Detox Program

Being a former athlete I never had to worry about my weight. But then one day I woke up and I was fat lol. For the past few years I've struggled with my weight. But Tyler Fulton with Mind Body Nutrition gave me the tools to get it under control. I didn't go on a diet, I made a lifestyle change. I was able to shed 10 pounds without even going to the gym. If you need a little help reaching your goals Tyler Fulton can help you get there. Y'all just wait til I get these abs right. I gonna wear crop tops errday! Lol 😁 #mindbodynutrition #healthiswealth

// Dana Morris 

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Gina Beverly

60 Day Transformation

Fantastic experience with Ms. Tyler Fulton, Nutritionist 

 Extraordinaire.  She changed my life forever.  I had been on a roller coaster ride of weight loss and gain and was currently at a standstill.  I have a home gym, worked out five days a week, watched what I ate and thought I was doing the right things. Ms. Tyler helped me understand my meal, drink and snack choices were not correct. 

The word diet was misleading, what I needed was a nutritional balanced meal plan. She planned the meals, snacks and monitored what I drank. We had weekly conversations and she coached me through my entire process. In 6 weeks I lost 12lbs and so many inches. I can wear clothes I have not worn in a few years. Tyler Fulton is the best, you will not be disappointed!!!!  

/// Gina Beverley

Briana Lane

21 Day program

It's very surprising to experience how minor changes can cause major growth within. I found myself 24 and having health issues such as joint pain,headaches, low energy, and still overweight. 

  Once I learned that you truly are what you eat helped me realized the importance of consuming healthy food. With that came the positive effects of doing so. Such as more energy and a improvement in health. 

  With then boost of energy also came a boost in my physical life. I began to exercise more and ache less. I learned how to make healthy choices and still enjoy the foods I love.  

  Eating all of the "bright and pretty" foods make me feel bright and pretty. I also gained a very positive mindset focusing on being healthy both physically and mentally.

briana before and after.jpg
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