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Book a FREE Group Workshops

Looking to make a better weekend of quality time with friends and family?
How about a healthy workshop brought to you! 
Grab at least 8 individuals, and a good topic (weight loss, detoxing etc.) and let's jump into spring with a healthy start! 

How are the workshops free you ask??

1. Have at least 8 people 

2. Choose a location, (park, workplace, home or online)
If outside of Atlanta, there will be a possible travel fee discussed. 
3. Decide on any add-ons for your experience ( goodiebags, recipe ebooks for all guest, spices, herbs. ) 

4. Send in your request, (use the form below) and wait for further instructions

Plan your Nutrition Workshop

Fill out the following form to request your Nutrition Workshop for you and your guest! 

Look forward to a great time with you!

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