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Mind set comes first!!!

Let's sit down and discuss areas that you may feel are a struggle, let's decide if you need to start a health program. If you are not mentally prepared, then the program will NOT work! 

I give personal counseling to listen, act and achieve your goals. 

Let's Talk about it.


First individual counseling session (15min)-$FREE

This is where it all begins! This is the first step, You have made a commitment to improve your health and by choosing to have a consult is the biggest step you can take!

We will go over your healthy goals whether its lower blood pressure, diabetes, healthy eating, whatever your goal is, we will come up with next steps to achieve that goal.

60 day Body Transformation – $40 bi-weekly for 8 weeks

Let’s put your plan into action! How can you hold yourself accountable? What small steps can help you break current habits? Let's plan and achieve together !Losing weight, learning healthy eating habits, starting an exercise program– these changes take time. You have built the foundation, now keep it standing. Committing to a package is committing to success!

*paid bi-weekly 

10 Day Detox - $75

-15 minute consultation
-"How to Detox" E-book Guide
-Detox Herbal Kit (colon cleanse, seamoss, herbal tea) mailed to your door. 

Group Weight Loss Classes (4 weeks)

Why not make losing weight fun? Grab a partner, or grab the whole family! Everyone will be on board for the journey. We will discuss the latest weight loss topics each week like “How much fats should I be eating?”, “Is the keto diet safe?”, and any other questions you may have. We may even try different challenges, or even a recipe cook off!

*paid bi-weekly

Virtual Pantry Makeover (1 hour 30minutes) – $50

Not sure if the foods in your pantry are healthy? Well let me help you become the nutritionist of your own house! We will go over what kitchen tools you need to help create recipes, what types of pantry staples you should keep on hand? And of course riding your pantry of all those junk foods and finally starting off fresh and confident! 

Grocery Tour  (90 minutes) Atlanta Ga
Individual – $50 
Group (2 to 5 people) – $25 per person

Navigating a grocery store can be quite overwhelming. Maybe you are eating on a budget, or maybe have allergies, but healthy eating is difficult to grasp. We will take a tour of the grocery store and answer different questions you have like,  Farmed versus wild? Is organic worth the price? Let's figure it out together. Choose your favorite grocery store and when you would like to take the tour and I will meet you there!


PLEASE NOTE:  I am located in the city of Atlanta.  I look forward to meeting with you at the location of your choice whether it be your home, office, local coffee shop, or other suitable locations For mileage greater than 100 miles round trip, an additional charge of 50 cents/mile will be added to the base fee for individual counseling, grocery tours and pantry makeovers.

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