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“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine & Our Medicine Should Be Our Food”

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Meet Tyler

I am an integrative nutritionist and nutrition coach. I use food as medicine to help people reach their health goals, whether its weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure or simply needing to regain balance in your life. I use all the tools that I have learned as I gained my education with a Masters of Nutrition and Human Performance.

Nutrition Counseling



- Grocery shopping tours!
- In-house Kitchen Makeovers! 
- Personalized recipes and grocery list

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Fun, easy and TASTY recipes. Eating Healthy has all to do with taste, and these recipes will get your tastebuds tingling! 


Still learning how to spice up your healthy dishes? Look at these spice blends! All alkaline for all your nutritional needs, oh and let's not forget they taste bomb!!

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